Detlev Bender
11 questions to Detlev Bender
  • What, apart from music, puts you in a good mood?
    The Hague, Lisbon, Berlin. And a dog named Sam!
  • What do you find insulting to your ears?
    Music intolarability and unprofessionalism, of which there is unfortunately too much.
    However, this has nothing to do with certain styles.
  • What does silence mean to you?
    Relaxed enjoyment.
  • The nicest compliment you have ever received as an artist?
    »In your concert I forgot all my worries and the rest of the world!«
  • If you had not become a pianist and a »piano coach«,
    what would you have become?

  • What was your musical big bang?
    There wasn't really one. My paternal grandmother gave me a piano when I was 7 years old.
    The fascination was born then and everything else took its course.
  • What color does music have for you?
    Every color imaginable.
  • What would be the ideal audience for you?
    Educated, free, spontaneous, and always open minded.
  • A piano has only 88 keys, and yet, it is an infinite cosmos.
    What does this instrument mean to you?

    My best friend – with him, with her, I share everything.
  • Your favorite CDs?
    Classical music: W. A. Mozart – »The Gulda Mozart Tapes«
    Jazz: Tord Gustavsen Trio – »Being There«
    Pop: Sting – »Brand New Day«
  • Your motto?
    »There is no end to learning« (Robert Schumann)