Steinway-Flügel mit Tasten

Schüler-Bild For 25 years by now, I have been training students – children, youths and adults – in playing the piano and musical theory. It has been 25 years in which I have done everything to date, to convey to them artistic value and individuality.
This musical frame of mind of can be compared to a »blazing fire« that has burnt inside of me ever since, and which I would like to pass on to my students, much like the Olympic torch... so that ultimately, the wish and will for an extraordinary musical experience – be it as a hobby or perhaps later as a profession – is ignited. It is my special concern to uncover the potentials of quite different nature in each student, to promote them and advance their development in a targeted way, while affording constant practice an indispensable place in life, and letting fun and enjoyment of what has been reached come to bear in diverse ways. Regardless if it is playing the piano for oneself, for family, a concert at home before a larger audience, major concerts, or playing piano at national competitions such as »Jugend musiziert« (Youth Playing Music) or international competitions such as those in Hamburg, Munich, Bolzano, Zurich or others. These different »forums« are available at any time.

The advantages of private lessons:

  • Flexible practice units and lesson schedules
  • Lessons not tied to school holidays
  • First-class instruments.

Beyond traditional lessons, I offer workshops for song accompaniment, chamber music and musical theory (e.g. also pop and jazz arrangements).
Targeted preparation for the admission exam at a school of music rounds out this offer.

The main location for instruction is Eltville at the Rhine River (easily reached by public short-distance transport; the studio is 5 walking minutes from bus/railway stops).
But I am also happy to come to your home – please note that this offer refers to the cities of Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, the districts of Main-Taunus and Upper Taunus. The teaching centres there are located in Hofheim, Eschborn, Kronberg, Königstein, Oberursel and Bad Homburg.

Please contact me for a personal interview.